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With its crotch style, you are only one step away from becoming the master of the bathroom! It helps to clear up back and chest acne while being gentle and non-irritating to the skin. It removes oil from pores and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Anti-lost design. To ensure you don't lose it, place it back on the bottle after using.

Key Benefits

  1. Where is the scent of our Gen-Z era?
  2. 3 layers of "cream level" super plant ingredients
  3. Light "cream" texture

Key Ingredients 

Double amino acid surface activity: sensitive skin, gentle cleansing, moisturizing without slipperiness, rich and dense foam.

Betaine surface activity: sensitive to oily skin, fragile skin, deep hydration, food-grade amino acid, generally used in mid-to-high-end facial cleansing and baby care products. Anti-allergic, improve skin PH value, reduce skin irritation, increase cell activity, and increase skin moisture content.

APG surface activity: Oily and sensitive skin, extracted from plants, natural, mild and non-irritating, removes oil and dirt, repairs skin barrier, removes acne and acne marks, improves black heads and strawberry nose.

Amaranth extract: A Chinese herbal medicine, known as a natural antibiotic. It is the savior of sensitive skin. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, relieves irritation, and strengthens the barrier.

Beautiful Eleuthes extract: Extracted from Beautiful Eleuthes (the most precious species of red algae), it balances water and oil, increases skin's water storage capacity, effectively moisturizes and softens skin, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

All green formula, suitable for sensitive skin.

0 Alcohol 0 Color 0 Paraben preservatives 0 Hormones 0 Formaldehyde releasers 0 Mineral oil 0 Fluorescent agent 0 Harmful ingredients

Skin that is prone to acne is gently cleansed, leaving it clear, moisturized, and non-tight. The facial cleanser is perfectly balanced in terms of ingredients and cleansing effectiveness. Cleaning is the first step to having good skin.