The first beauty brand created by kids and for kids.

• Redefine Teen’s beauty/ We build the brand ourselves
• Fun, smart & free
• Safe, clean & effective
• Eco-friendly

As we grow up, we have many unique product and emotional needs that are not addressed and from adult or infant personal care market. We were looking for a self-care brand that understood and specifically targeted our age group. So we created haf haf. A brand which is an explanation of our needs, but also a manifestation of personality. It is also a link to communicate with parents, friends and the outside world.

Children who have their own ideas will learn to make decisions for themselves, and parents can build a stronger emotional relationship with their children by respecting their decisions.

Safe + Effective + fun = ∞

We are proud to say that haf haf's entire line of products uses high-quality ingredients! There are no allergenic ingredients or harmful substances.

We are making them with full love and creativity, hoping to ensure that the sensitive and unstable skin of teenagers is well cared for.

We are still young, but with the determination to change the world! We have something to say to our fans:

Bring it on!
Let’s create this brand together!
Smile more every day and enjoy the process.
Finally, don’t forget to have more confidence in yourself!